Black Dentist Goes Viral For Banning Bonnets, Pajama Bottoms From Office

Photo: Getty Images

An Ohio dentist has sparked debate on Twitter over a dress code she's put in place for patients entering her office.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, a Black dentist, identified as Dr. Sutton on social media, put up a sign in her office that reads: “No Bonnets, No House Shoes, No Pajama Bottoms."

A photo of the sign shared on Twitter garnered over 5 million views and mixed reactions from social media users.

Some users described the doctor's rules as anti-Black and racist.

"I just want to know how house shoes, a bonnet, & pajama bottoms keep this dentist from doing her job. There is no logical reason for a healthcare provider to have a dress code for their patients. Why is this dentist more worried about their outfits than their oral health?" one Twitter user said.

"At this point put up a sign that say whites only," another wrote.

Other Twitter users praised the dentist for setting standards for her practice.

"Why is this perceived as anti-black? Maybe she’s trying to uplift by holding sisters to a higher standard," a Twitter user wrote.

"Let her run her business how she wants, some of you should learn how to leave your house looking presentable," another user chimed in.

See more reactions to Dr. Sutton's dress code below.

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