'Despicable': Kim Porter's Dad Speaks Out About Diddy-Cassie Assault Video

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The father of Kim Porter, the late mother of several of Diddy's children, is speaking out about the video of his daughter's former partner brutally assaulting Cassie in a hotel in 2016.

Jake Porter told RollingStone that the video left him concerned over how Diddy may have treated his daughter before she died of lobar pneumonia in 2018.

“You can say I was disgusted with the video, and I wouldn’t treat my enemy like that,” Porter said. “It was despicable. I couldn’t believe it. I was in Vietnam, and I wouldn’t do that to my enemy.”

Porter said he had never seen Diddy physically abuse his daughter, who welcomed a son with the rapper in 1998 and twin daughters in 2006, but the video "made me wonder." The father added that he lived with Kim at various points in her relationship with Diddy and the "horrible" video gives him a "different outlook" on the music executive.

“I didn’t know he could stoop that low,” Porter said. “I imagine it surprised a lot of people. I wouldn’t even do a dog like that. My heart goes out to Cassie.”

Porter noted that his daughter genuinely loved Diddy but she "just couldn't live with" him in the same home.

“I think he was a very jealous person,” Porter said. “They both loved each other. Kim’s love was legitimate. Puffy’s love, I don’t know what he calls love, you know what I mean? I really don’t think he has any idea what love is.”

“My concern is the children," he added of the future.

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