Princess Tiana Attraction Replaces Ride With Racist Ties At Disney

Photo: Getty Images

An attraction featuring Princess Tiana, Disney's first Black princess, will soon replace a ride with racist ties at Walt Disney World in Florida and California's Disneyland.

According to the Associated Press, Tiana's Bayou adventure is set to debut at both theme parks on June 28. The ride is replacing Splash Mountain, which was based on a movie with racist undertones.

Disney initially announced that they would be reimagining Splash Mountain in 2020 amid widespread criticism over the ride's connection to the controversial "Soung of the South." Over 20,000 people signed a petition urging the company to address Splash Mountain's outdated and offensive themes.

Amid Disney's decision to make Princess Tiana the star of its new ride, a team conducted research trips to New Orleans to capture the city's essence in the attraction.

According to reports, Tiana's Bayou Adventure preserves the essence of log ride experience of Splash Mountain while including an updated storyline from the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog. Riders will be transported into 1920s New Orleans with music, scenery, and characters from the film.

In a statement, The Imagineers, the team behind Disney's attractions, expressed their commitment to diversity.

“We never want to perpetuate stereotypes or misconceptions,” Carmen Smith, a senior vice president of Walt Disney Imagineering’s creative development team, said. “Our intention is to tell great stories.”

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